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Recent Updates
  • Wild Rift Patch 2.1A Notes
    Katarina, the Sinister Blade headlines this patch, and she’s accompanied by a few balance changes to Lulu, Olaf, Blade of the Ruined King, and more.   Sorry we’re late, traffic was a nightmare. As we didn’t put out any changes two weeks ago (but we did hotfix a couple of outliers), we’re on our way with a hot, fresh balance patch. Also, keep one eye open for...
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  • Wild Rift Patch 2.1 Notes
    A beast of a patch is on the way, featuring replays, spectator mode, two new champs, balance changes to the peskiest yordles, and more Blue Motes!   With the yordles all rounded up from their adventure, it’s time to look to the future. And… maybe the recent past? Check out Replays and Spectator Mode, along with the Lunar Beast event, featuring six new skins (including Wild...
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  • Wild Rift Patch 2.1 Preview
    Take a peek at some of the upcoming content headed to Wild Rift over the next couple of months.   We’re trying something a little different! We want to give you a peek into Patch 2.1, which lasts from February to the end of March. All content will be released throughout 2.1, and as a reminder, we will have three additional patches (2.1a, 2.1b and 2.1c) for balance adjustments and...
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  • Wild Rift Patch 2.0A Notes
    Wild Rift Patch Notes 2.0a A small balance update, bringing nerfs to Evelynn, Lee Sin and Guardian Angel.   In this patch, we’re taking a look at some clear outlier champs, and making Guardian Angel a little less forgiving. Earlier this month, we revealed a ton of upcoming content in the Season 2021 livestream, If you missed our updates, check ‘em out below. Welcome to patch...
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  • Patch 11.5 Notes
    11.5, how time flies! Let’s spring into it.First: the jungle, the mighty jungle. Champs like Master Yi and Sejuani have been in a bit of a jam, while others like Udyr and Rammus have been on full tilt, rampaging around the map. We’re giving the former more of a sting, and putting on the brakes for the latter.Then: items! We're adding more rules to Guinsoo's Rageblade and providing...
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  • Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.5 Notes
      Hey Party People,Now that the dust has settled after the mid-mid-set set (sound it out y’all), we’re back to tone down the stronger comps and give lift to underperforming comps via champion tweaks. Because most World’s qualifying events will be played on this patch, we have a sizable amount of changes that are more conservative in their nature. We’re trying not...
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  • Patch 11.4 Notes
    Hi friends, happy 11.4!This patch, we’re looking in on bot lane, where shorter range champs like Samira have been slashing, dashing, and bashing things up. This hasn’t gone unnoticed, which is why Samira's an especially hot potato: although her win rates are fine, her ban rates are high— so we’re hoping these changes will help make her feel less frustrating to play...
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  • Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.4 Notes
    Welcome to the Festival Remix,I’m your host, MC MR.P2, here to break down the changes in the Festival with an all new freestyle *scratches record*. 11.4 brings a mini-rework to the Chosen system, along with changes to Lanterns, dominant Traits, and reroll carries to promote comp pivots and create new combinations. So turn up that Club 2 beat and get ready for change that’ll make...
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  • Patch 11.3 Notes
    Welcome to February and another big ol’ patch!This time around, we took a large sweep across items to tweak what's hitting too hard and what's needing some love, categorized into 6 sections: tank, enchanter, marksman, fighter, mage, and sustain items. For sustain, we’re continuing to reassess systemic healing by adjusting stats around Omnivamp on powerful items like Goredrinker...
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  • Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.3 Notes
    Welcome festival-goers,We're one and a half patches into the festival, but the party's just begun. A big congrats to those who reached Challenger first in their respective regions! The VIP room is now spilling out to the balcony with party-goers battling for Rank 1. This patch brings a mini-rework to Divine, some updates to 1-costs, and a few other changes. We are a bit light on updates here,...
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